Thursday, October 24, 2013

Back from Hiatus

Well. That was an adventure. SORRY EVERYONE. Had some... Important debugging to take care of. Seems we missed a Redlit... My GOD they are like RABBITS. I am in the mood for some rabbit. Or Buffalo. I LOVE Buffalo. There was this one place in town that sold these weird exotic foods. Rattlesnake, buffalo, eagle and... Shit like that. Birth Mother and Suited Jackass would never take me there obviously. Didn't want me out of the house. Didn't want me in public. Didn't want me to continue EXISTING. HAHAHA. Ah. I wish I could kill them all over again. I was so sloppy back then. I had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING. Imagine what I could do today. MAN the looks on their faces... OR WHAT WOULD BE FUCKING LEFT OF THEM WHEN I AM DONE WITH THEM... Sweet Dreams. Such sweet dreams.

Tangent aside. I have a very important question for a couple important readers. WHERE THE FUCK IS EVERYONE???? THIS NOTE YOU LEFT ME EXPLAINS JACK SHIT. I have only been gone... A bit less than a Month. SCREAMER, GLEEMAN. ANYONE. FUCKING ANSWER ME HERE. Mmmm. Well at least I know Redlight doesn't have them. I would know if he did, because MAN his reaction is going to be priceless. He flips the fuck out so easy, but THIS is going to be a new level of explosiveness.

Been a nice trip down memory lane. Long story though, won't bore anyone with the details. Became a one monster Anti-Virus for our good friend the Newborn. Heheheheheh. They told me that it might knock a few screws loose and... Undo all the tightening Valtiel has done. SO DADDY is going to come by and fix me up I think. Soon I guess. Maybe now? Nope. Just checked. Not there. Oh well, I will wait. Here. Alone. BECAUSE YOU SONS OF BITCHES LEFT WITHOUT FUCKING TELLING ME WHERE YOU ARE GOING!!!

And telling me "Dealing with Morgan Stuff" is NOT A LOCATION. It is a Hobby. A Pass Time, if you will. A favorite of mine in fact. But here's the thing. Since I am POSITIVE Screamer is behind this disappearance, let me just REMIND YOU ALL THAT SCREAMER IS NOT AT 100%, AND IS IN FACT KIND OF USELESS RIGHT NOW. Morgan is big old Teddy Bear of Rape, but that doesn't mean he isn't DANGEROUS. So. Kindly return to base, huh guys? Please? I get lonely easily. And bored. YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I GET BORED, AND I DON'T HAVE SAGEY, MISHY OR LAINEY TO TAKE MY... Huh. Elaine. That was so weird. I wonder what Elaine would think of this whole mess. I mean. Spencer IS currently the biggest threat to peace and sanity in the world right now. It's... Weird. I really wish Elaine was still around.

Hmmm. Samael would you please hurry up. My head is... Not in a good place right now. Actually... It's in a pretty bad place all things considered... Hurry?

Teresa and Daniel. Daniel and Teresa. Mommy and Daddy. Locked in the cellar for days. All that darkness. It was... Frightening at first you know? But then, when they came back and made me come out, I realized how much better it was down there away from them. Away from everyone. Why didn't they kill me? I have always wondered that. They hated me. I have no idea why. Maybe they were just insane? I am insane right? That is what everyone says, so maybe they were too? Some little joke on their part. My name. Luke of the Cyphre family. Unluckiest last name in the world, and no one in our family's history would dare name their kid anything that sounds remotely similar to Lou. No Luke, Lucas, Lucius, Lucien, Louis, Louie, Luis, or anything with an L. So they must have known from the get go that I would be EVIL. So why have me? Why not just DROWN ME in a river somewhere? But they didn't. They fed me enough to survive, clothed me enough to survive. Why? They are insane. Of course they never had any problems with my brother. They loved him. And he loved ME. So why didn't they? They call ME insane, but I am not THAT insane. Maybe the beatings satisfied them. But no. That isn't it. They stopped short of doing any permanent damage. Hindsight. HAHAHAHAHA. I HAVE DONE WORSE TO SO MANY OTHERS. They WERE holding back, but why? Not out of love. Hate. Hate. And the neighbors didn't care, and the preacher didn't care, and the teacher didn't care. But the entire town didn't hate me? No they just didn't care. But what if they did hate me? What about me is so... Hateable? What about me WAS so hateable? Why? Why? WHY? Never could kill me though. Never really tried. Always stopped. Always reacted with such hate and fear after slicing into me, even as I was choking on the tight ropes around my neck... What STOPPED THEM? WHAT IN GODS NAME STOPPED THEM? WHY AM I STILL ALIVE, WHY AM I STILL ALIVE? WHY... Because... What. Wait. If... But... But. That isn't... No. No No No No. That can't be... But what if it is and what if I was... He couldn't have but... No he could have but he wouldn't... No. No NO. NO NO NO NONONONONO. He HAS BEFORE. With SPENCER.

But this couldn't


  1. You okay, there, Star? Take a deep breathe, buddy. Calm down a bit. Take it easy, and slow.

  2. WHY DIDNT THIS THOUGHT OCCUR TO YOU WHEN YOU WERE TORTURING THE FUCK OUT OF ME>???!?!?!?>£L<???!! i have NO sympathy for you, you are a lower life form than FUCKING SCUM ON A SEWAGE POND!!!!

    but to learn people made you like that??? well THEY are LOWER THAN YOU. LOWER THAN MRSA BACTERIA ON THE RIM OF HITLER'S SHITPIPE!!!!!!!!!

    1. Because this sorta thing is why he tortures the shit out of people. Behaviors are learned and thus have a circular, self replicating effect.

    2. but that would mean i..... i dont wanna be part of the cycle.. WHY DID THEY HaVE to MAKE IT like thatt??? it hurts.... its not ok..... they just invade my MIND where and whenever they WANT and I HATE IT I CAN'T FUCKInG STAND IT

    3. thoughts. memories. so sudden. sights. sounds. triggers. bullets. wounds.

    4. You've just been dragged right through hell haven't you?

    5. No... I suppose you keep following people into it.

    6. Don't feel sorry for me. I'm not the one suffering for it.

  3. Well, glad to know that your insanity and emotions are FINALLY catching up to you. Hope you're enjoying them.