Sunday, September 22, 2013

David Banks is a Fucking Asshole

Stupid, annoying FUCKER. But at least now he knows the truth. A little quality time with Screamer and everything has been cleared right up. Heheheheheh. Maybe now we can focus on our WORK instead of trying to kill each other. Who knows. Maybe Banks will come in handy sometime. The Man's got some... Useful skills, as Redlight knows.

A few new developments my dear friends. Good and Bad. We'll start with the Bad.

When Dear Old David kidnapped Sam, I tried calling in MARCUS for help. A refresher. MARCUS is a Thoughtborn. He can manifest himself in basically ANYTHING electronic, be it a Computer or a Jackhammer. He was supposed to be the Manufactured Newborn's contribution to this ongoing Crisis. BUT NOW WE CAN'T FUCKING FIND HIM. It is extremely bothersome... Not to mention worrisome, given Redlight's new strategy of indoctrinating the shit out of notable Cultists... I am hoping we get an update from MARCUS soon, because if he has been Redlit... We have a Serious Problem on our hands. 

The Good News is that we found the location of Papa Legba, The Redlit Apostle. Turns out he is the Leader of a Group of Pirates that work between West Africa and the Caribbean. Our informant happens to be the Apostle Xiuhtecuhtli, who shall be henceforth known as "Apostle X" because CHRIST is that name hard to spell. Apostle X tells me that Legba works off of a Pirate "Mother Ship," which keeps him mobile. 

Now, I know there are some young'uns reading this. Modern Pirates AREN'T like Blackbeard or Jack Sparrow. No. They don't use Big Galleons or have Codes of Honor. They tend to use Small... Skiffs that harass larger and more vulnerable target ships with machine gun fire or rocket launchers. In this particular case, the Skiffs deliver any loot to the Mother Ship. Therein lies an opportunity. 

Nightscream, Myself and a small strike team will hijack one of the Pirate Skiffs and board the Mother Ship with it. Once on board, I will soak up any gunfire and give the others some breathing room to pick off the pirates one by one. I hear they aren't actually Timberwolves. Just Pirate Norms. Good place for a valuable Apostle to hide. But there is no hiding from us. Heheheh. I hope we catch another member of the Legion of Doom while we are there. Need to start actually DAMAGING Redlight's Power base, as opposed to just making them run away.

Oh. One other thing that I found curious. Papa Legba is a Haitian Bokor. Do you know what that means kids?

I tried dabbling in their specialty once. Didn't work... Actually I need to go find that Grave. Poor Fucker is probably still buried there.... Dead by now, but that is kind of the point isn't it? HAHAHAHA. 

Friday, September 20, 2013



Don't fucking test me. If I find Nightscream has a single fucking SCRATCH I am going to inflict the same to you times a THOUSAND.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pied Piper

A Couple days ago... We dealt with our little Nest Problem. If you have been paying attention, we found out that Redlight's influence is affecting other Cults now. In the case of the Nests that serve the Bird God, that which you name "The Convocation," Redlight has assumed control of a notably dangerous and psychotic Nest called The Glutton. So called for his firm belief that he is in fact a crow and as such, tends to eat people. I am told by my counterpart among the Nests, who sadly is away in Africa, that The Glutton is more of a... Pet to the Local Nests than an actual member. Low Mental Functionality. Mentally Handicapped.

But who am I to discriminate against the Mentally Disabled? No reason for me to give one of them special treatment. He DIES all the same. And he did Die... But not by my hands. Though I did dispose of the body thoroughly. Tasted like chicken. Heheheheheh.

When Redlight took control of The Glutton, he went on a rampage in the local Cult Town. Massacred all the Nests. Left a trail of bodies all the way up to The Glutton's nest. The Nest's nest. HA. I like that. The Team came with us for this one, as Screamer is not at 100%. Need to pick up the slack somehow. Crouching Tiger accompanied us to the Lair of The Glutton, while the others stayed behind to guard the town. A Courtesy to the Nests as a whole. Politics, politics... Heh. Glad I am a neutral agent now.

So, here the three of us were... Stalking through the woods looking for an 8ft tall Psychotic Cannibal who thinks he is a bird. When all of a sudden I see something weird in the distance. Purple. Purple Renaissance Fair reject's clothes adorned by a Man with a Flute pressed to his lips, playing a tune. About FRIGGEN Time I run into a New Member of the Court. I was getting tired of knocking around Morgan all the time.

Now The Piper's exact powers are a little unknown. I mean. He could put people to sleep, but I am not people, so I had no idea if it was going to work on me. Other than that... No idea. Probably a Crafter like Black Queen was. But since he saw me, and I saw him... I had no other real choice but to charge him.

Fun Fact about Maenads people. They are invariably VERY strong. Brute Animalistic Strength. I forgot this. So when I charged him, intending to feast heartily on his jugular... I didn't expect him to stop me dead in my tracks and then tossing me into a Tree. If I had a spine, I can assure you, it would have been broken. FORTUNATELY it wasn't. Meanwhile Tiger and Screamer were having some... Difficulties of their own. The Glutton showed up and was trying to eat Sam's neck. Tiger in the middle of us all wondering who to help. When I heard him yell "MAGNIFICENT STALLION KICKS DODO" I knew I was pretty much going to be on my own here.

My distraction at Nightscream and Tiger proved... Unpleasant. The Piper pinned me down and started doing something weird. His eyes turned... I do not know to describe it. His mouth had some pale blue light coming from it and I just felt my mouth open as well... Like some kind of spooky supernatural kiss. Then I felt all the air in my body just... Being sucked out. I began coughing and sputtering and trying to breathe... But it was all just going into HIM.

Of course what we both forgot is that Lungs are optional for me. So when the last gasp of air left my body... I lunged up and bit a chunk of meat out of his cheek. His blood was FILLED with Azoth... Ah... That is the best taste. I wanted MORE. So when he unpinned me to try nursing his cheek, I grabbed him and tried to have my fill. Warm Bloody chunks... Flowing Red, specked with Black. Black. Black. Heheheheheh.

Didn't get a second bite right away though. He punched me in the face, and you remember what I said about Maenads being strong? Cracked my skull for sure. Practically disfigured my face for a bit. So I rolled off him to readjust my form manually. Had to reset my jaw and nose. Piper was up as well and seemed to be cursing himself for forgetting I wasn't just a run of the mill Proxy. So he pulled a Dagger out. The color of the blade, combined with common sense told me it was one of THOSE blades again. So I pulled out my own little blades.

Knife fights are fun, but they are over FAR too quickly. Usually anyway. I slashed, I stabbed. He parried, he thrust. Then he pulled a second dagger when I wasn't looking at his free hand and slashed my throat with it. I confess... That had me kind of scared. He then jammed his other blade in my heart and grinned at me. Then he decided to "Kiss" me again. Since there was nothing I could do about it... Especially TALK... he finished and started talking to me.

"Tis almost a shame to kill you Little Star. An eternal food supply for me, that I can feed on every time you fill you lungs with lovely delicious air. Alas, my friend... God has marked you for death. For too long you have been a thorn in our sides. Interfering with God's Grand Designs. You death will be a message for those False Angels and the Weak, Pathetic Gods they serve... There is only one True God. The King wrapped in Crimson, and from beyond the Threshold of Quiet in the Garden of Eden, he shall claim the power so carelessly sealed away by those False Deities, and with this power he shall cast down"

They talk too much. They ALWAYS talk too much. So once I had recovered my senses a bit, I lunged at him again while he was too busy spewing that idiotic bullshit about Redlight's "Divinity" and managed to bite into his throat myself. This bite tasted of something else... Something more than Blood, meat, bone and Azoth. He grabbed the dagger in my heart and twisted it, forcing me to back off for a time while he held his throat. The fluid coming out was a mixture of black specked red and a thin, light blue liquid. He began choking and sputtering. It was really quite hilarious.

To his Credit. He charged me again hoping, perhaps, to take me down with his last breath. I quickly pulled the dagger from my own heart and jammed it into his throat, through the hand that he held there. I heard those oh-so familiar gagging noises... And he fell to his knees before me. How Ironic? Spending his last living moments on his knees before the Chosen of an Angel. Granted, I couldn't stay up much longer due to the Azoth pouring out of the hole in my chest. But no matter. He died and I lived. That is all that counts. And his flesh, blood and bone filled me and became one with my Azoth. Replacing the meat he destroyed with that dagger.

After my meal was done, I entered the Rickety Building... Some sort of old Textile Factory I think... That The Glutton had chased Nightscream and Tiger into. I found Sam standing over the corpse of The Glutton with Tiger. A hole blasted right through the hideous Crow's Head. Screamer's glock came in handy I see. Heheheheheh.

Ah... Mission Accomplished, but there is always more work to be done.

We know of ONE other noteworthy Cultist who has been Redlit. A Man going by the name Papa Legba. An Apostle of the Archangel. TIME FOR HISTORY. The Apostles have been the leading faction of the Archangel's Cult. The Timberwolves make up the body, and the Apostles are the Brain. There are ONLY 13 Apostles at any given time. Each controlling the activities of the Timberwolves in certain areas. Papa Legba is the Apostle who coordinates the Caribbean Timberwolves. The Bad news is... That is the extent of our knowledge about him. His Alias is Papa Legba, and he lives in the Caribbean. BIG HELP.

To make matters worse, The Apostles and Archangel have generally been unhelpful in regards to the Redlight situation. Which is FUCKING ANNOYING. So right now I have to sit on my ass and WAIT for an arrangement to be made with one of the other Twelve Apostles. They HAVE to know where Papa Legba is. But this isn't our only current concern. Oh No.

Those of you clever little apes paying attention, will have noticed some rather RUDE comments from everyone's favorite Serial Rapist, Serial Killer and Serial Asshole, David fucking Banks. Due to David's own GUILT complex from LETTING SCREAMER DIE, he refused to believe that Screamer is back. He thinks it is an impostor. He is of course giving NO thought to obvious things like... Oh I don't know... THERE IS NO FUCKING REASON ANYONE WOULD EVER PRETEND TO BE NIGHTSCREAM. It makes NO GODDAMN SENSE. What would the POINT be? And furthermore, I have been IN THE SAME FUCKING ROOM AS SCREAMER. Does he SERIOUSLY think I don't know what Sam looks like, sounds like and acts like?

Of course there is no reason to bother convincing him of the truth. I expect him to come find us, and when he does I am personally going to see to it that his long and storied history comes to a violent end. I am going to dump his body in a shallow grave of trash and filth and let it rot away to dust. He will be dead, gone and forgotten. And No One will Care.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Combat Training. Two words which are spoken in hushed tones, with feelings of dread and fear by Proxies everywhere. There is a very good reason for this, of course. Heheheheheh. We are not known for our restraint, you see. So I can only imagine what is going through Screamer's head right now.

You see ladies and gentlemen... Nightscream has been cooped up in that Castle for a LONG time now, suffering such terrible tortures... Bottom line is that Screamer's body is weaker than it should be, and it's reflexes dulled. Since we do not want Screamer to DIE again, we have decided to put Screamer through some... Refresher courses. Courtesy of myself and my good friend Crouching Tiger. We are starting out easy, of course... No weapons. But I must say, it feels good to punch... Nightscream in the face, and have it be utterly unable to do anything about it. Quite the role reversal. Screamer was one of my first combat instructors, teaching me how NOT TO GET MY ASS HANDED TO ME. Very educational stuff, that I will not be revealing on here for obvious reasons.

Tiger assures me that Screamer will be up to par within the Month. Who am I to doubt a man who can break a person in half with his bare hands.

Tomorrow we will be arriving in Enemy Territory. The Glutton's nest. Formerly Nest territory, the nest and all it's Nests were wiped out by The Glutton, himself a former Nest... Who, according to all reports, is not currently showing signs of Redlight Manifestation. Unfortunate, really, but we are not about to leave this thing unchecked. If Redlight will not appear, we will kill off all his possible bodies one by one. And when he has none left, he will be trapped forever in that Godless Realm. Heheheheheh. Death might be more merciful than that.

The hunger has been bad lately. I need to start KILLING more. All I can think about during my down time is delicious, delicious meats and gravy... Roast and grease and fats and raw bloody marrow and hot chewy red bloody meat... The Glutton will be a good meal. Poultry plus Long Pork... Ah... But how should I prepare him? Grilled? Fry him up? Baked maybe? I don't often eat baked food... Or should it be raw again... I never get tired of that taste and texture... The feel of hot, red blood running down my mouth...

No. No. NO. I have it. It needs Cheese. TIME FOR A TRIP TO THE STORE.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A New Party Member

Well. Miracles have happened before... A Lot of miracles actually. Should have seen this coming... I mean, if someone like ME was brought back, surely Nightscream would be too. I mean that would only make sense. Screamer was always better at... Basically anything not involving leveling a building. So it makes sense for Screamer to be brought back which, of course, is why they did it. Otherwise it would just be fucking unfair, right?

Welcome Back Screamer.

And just in time too... For you see my friends, Redlight is branching out. The Redlit up until this point were purely Proxies or Runners or unlucky Norms. The Other Cultists were fairly safe from.. Scarlet Fever. Heheheheh. But no more... We have a confirmed Nest, and Apostle among the Reds. Nasty ones too...

The current problem was born Adrian Corby. We know him as "The Glutton." Born in 1955, with several unfortunate physical deformities... He was cast out and left in the wild to die. Then we have no idea what happens for a while. Then he became a Nest, and one of the more dangerous and psychotic ones. At least of the ones I am aware of anyway. Apparently he thinks he is a Bird. Specifically a Crow. POP QUIZ. What are the implications of a man thinking he is a Crow. Here is a hint. Think on his Diet.

Now, the REASON this a problem for us, is that we suspect Redlight might try to... Manifest again. This time in the body of something with actual defenses. As you might have guessed, this is not a Good Thing. So Proxy Bob, Nightscream and Myself will be going out to DEAL with this little problem. I of course will not be letting Screamer off a tight leash, since it looks like Screamer is a BIT rusty and... Well. Not mentally back to normal yet. An indeterminate amount of time suffering total agony in the Castle of a God of Disease will do that to you. But I am sure this will be GREAT practice. Screamer will be back to 100% in NO TIME. Pity we can't get new pet Ravens for it though... Then again, I never really cared for the old ones. Annoying, mean spirited little flying pests.

But AH. Where are my Manners here. Most of you are NEW, young and ignorant. Practically have the Attention span of Goldfish. You don't even know who Screamer IS do you? WELL let me educate you.

Nightscream, AKA Sam Freeman, AKA Sam Prescott. Former History Teacher turned Psychopathic Killer Proxy. My Mentor in the art of killing and torturing, though I confess I was never as good as Screamer at either art. Screamer was a MASTER of Psychological Torment, manipulating countless of you adorable little Runners to a painful death. Sometimes worse. Heheheh.

Unfortunately all that went to waste after Redlight reappeared. He took a liking to Screamer, which I assure you is NEVER a Good Thing. At the end of it... Redlight had tortured Nightscream to the point of suicidal insanity. David Banks decided to take care of Nightscream, since I was dead at the time, but naturally failed, and let Nightscream die...

Then, during my little visit to the Castle, I ran into an Afflicted who was wearing the remains of Screamer's signature Bladed Gauntlet. Screamer had pissed off the Plague Doctor a while back, manipulating circumstances to force a confrontation between Father and The Plague Doctor. We thought the Doctor backed off after that but... You can't defeat a God. One way or another...

Doesn't really matter anymore does it? All the matters now is that Screamer is back. Back, smiling, plotting and in the game once more. I can only imagine what kind of corpses the Feds will be finding soon. I am good. But Screamer is an artist. This is going to be so much FUN.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


... IS THIS?


Monday, September 9, 2013


That little diversion is over. Not my best work, honestly, but hey, you can't be perfect all the time.

TIME FOR SOMETHING NEW. Guess what? I am not in Germany just for Sanna. Oh No. I am here to visit a particularly difficult to reach Attendant who lives in the Black Forest. The name it has adopted is Sofiel, and it is very... Unusual Attendant in it's lifestyle. If you can call that a life. Majority of the Attendants tend to observe Humans. Homo Sapiens with, formerly, our capacity to learn and create... To make choices based on morality. Good and Evil. Fascinates them. They predate the concepts themselves, you see.

Sofiel on the other hand is part of a handful that prefer the company of... Other things. His host is still human, mostly due to the convenient shape and Opposable thumbs, but it likes Plants. I have no idea why, but considering what the Attendants really are... Doesn't surprise me that they might be a bit weird.

So, shortly after my little bonding session with Sanna wrapped up, I hopped in the van and scurried off for the Black Forest. Dear Old Dad let me know that Sofiel would be in the Black Forest for a while. The thing seems to enjoy visiting various jungles and woods across the planet, with an overwhelming preference for South American Rain Forests. But I digress. Knowing where It is, usually is nowhere near enough. The thing is REALLY Good at hiding. But then, I am really good at tracking things down. As Sanna can attest to. Heheheheheheh.

I located Sofiel and was promptly killed. I don't recall any pain, but it was nigh instantaneous.

It was also extremely unpleasant.

Didn't take It long to realize what I was though, and so I was reformed. Had a little chat about his Big Brothers want. As I understand it, It is not fond of it's Elder siblings... Not much you can do though when you are a lowly 28th of Many. I literally only know of ONE Attendant with less actual power and influence. It was in possession of a little... Parting gift from Enoch. Who is Enoch you may ask? I'll tell ya later.

What is important is that he went on... A Journey. A Journey through terror, through despair, through dread and the depths of madness. First man to ever visit ALL the Realms of the Gods and leave an account of it for us to read. Unfortunately, this account is not entirely in one piece. When it was being retrieved, it was torn apart by the Paths by which it was carried. Missing a lot of Pages. Here. Let me share a Page with you.

Page One in fact.

"December 22, 1952. Agony of Epimetheus

I am old and gray. My bones ache and muscles are weary from the long travels of my life. Now only one journey remains. The ultimate journey. I have become a pioneer to rival the likes of Marco Polo or Colombus, and I faced dangers that even the likes of Alexander or Napoleon would have fled. I have learned truths that Solomon or Nietzsche could never have fathomed. Even now as I pen this, the last thoughts of a tired old man, I stare into an abyss that few could ever withstand. These will be my last actions: To pen the tale of my journies through the bowels of madness... And then step beyond the threshold of eternal Quiet. To meet the imprisoned God and go beyond until I am no more. I shall traverse an infinity of oblivion. 

A being set me upon this path. He opened wide the curtain of sanity, of comfort... And I entered the unlit stage of the universe. The true universe, beyond our wildest imaginations. I thought of him as... Prometheus in a way. Just as Prometheus gave fire to our kind as well as knowledge of fire to allow for mankind to become the "dominant" species of earth, so to did the being grant me the knowledge that I believed would serve as a beacon of light and understanding. I was willing to do anything for this.

I travelled far and wide using the money gained by my father's father. Now, I have nothing left. Nothing left to lose, when I go. My Prometheus promised me I would learn the secrets I so desperately sought for so many years. My mind was clouded with the thoughts of the people I could help. If I had the proof. Could prove all I suspected. I could topple religions, cast down false idols and lead the world into a new age of enlightenment. All those years spent with this delusion firmly in mind. Gods that walked, hidden away from men. Or perhaps I should call them devils? No. Such concepts of morality do not apply to beings such as these. Their concept of right and wrong is far different from the pathetic and hypocritical human concept of morality.  

That is, of course, not the only way these gods differ from humankind. Even their angels are far different from us. My guide, my Virgil, my Prometheus, was one such angel. He had the face of an arab, with eyes the glowed like golden chunks of amber encasing something more ancient than time itself. His slicked back dark hair and hairless chin were very unlike most arabs I had come to know. He smiled a charming smile, and spoke with a deep voice filled with authority and majesty far beyond the most eloquent speakers I had ever come to know. He was always clad in a black and burgundy pinstriped suit, with similar dress pants, and constantly wore a brilliantly golden scarf draped around his neck. All of this was a mask, one it had learned to wear well. 

His kind walk among us, as morticians, as scientists, as priests, as phantoms haunting forgotten lairs... Never in the spotlight, always lurking in the shadows pulling strings. They are the children of gods, the product of an attempt to delay inevitability. To stave off annihilation. They are fragments of divinity. My Guide came to me using the name Samuel Blackwood.

I would come to learn that my guide was less a Prometheus than he was the Serpent of Eden. And from him, I took the apple and was cast out. Unlike Eve however, I was cast out of earth and into Heaven."

Sounds like a fun guy doesn't he? His story didn't have a happy ending, and like all things human related... History repeats itself. This year, on December 21st it all Ends. Really, that day will be when this is all decided. If we have Dr. Marsh, you can go about your merry lives... Dying and living as We see fit. If Redlight has Dr. Marsh... You and everyone you love will Die. Your friends, your family, your pets, your dreams... The trees, the cities, the stones, the earth, the stars... Death itself will Die.

I know I have been over this before... But I think it bears repeating. I am the GOOD GUY here. Don't get in my way, don't try to get revenge for the people I have tortured and killed. This is all for your benefit as well as mine. Redlight cannot succeed my friends.

Guess what. We have a New Strategy for killing him. Perception Filter or No... This one I am keeping close to my chest. It will be a waiting game though... Should not take too long though. He has a few Predictable tendencies that we can exploit. And I look SO FORWARD TO TEARING OUT THOSE AMBER EYES OF HIS AND FINALLY ERASING HIS ARROGANT ASS FROM REALITY.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

How Sad

How very, VERY Sad.

Now as most of you know, I have been entertaining a GUEST recently. Dear Sanna. Her Bird Brained Bitch Buddy was pissed, but no worries. She never once interfered... Which is exactly what it so Sad.

Now most, if not all, of you are readers of both MY blog and Sanna's. Therefore I find it REALLY curious that none of you made ANY EFFORT to rescue her. Not a SINGLE attempt. Oh sure, a few of you made some NOISE like you were going to, but I had her for days. There is simply NO EXCUSE for such... What is it... Laziness? Or is it Apathy? I can imagine it now... You stupid, selfish fucks sitting at your computers saying "Oh. That's terrible." and then going about your day. None of you cared. Deep, deep down... It just wasn't your problem. So what if someone of you make claims about being Sanna's friend. You didn't sign up to go on RESCUE MISSIONS. Let somebody else do it.

But of course. None of you will bother accepting blame. I mean... It was ME who kidnapped her after all. It was me who tortured her... It was Me who... Heheheheheh. How can you be to blame for this? Well answer me this. If you know a tragedy is occurring and you have the power to stop it, or at least try... And you decide to do nothing. What does that make you? Especially if the one in danger is a friend. Or. "Friend" in this case. You know the kind. You all are the friends that hang around so long as conditions are right. If something goes wrong... "You are on your own." Right?

Some of you don't even have cowardice to blame. Jack, even in his diminished form, is still higher that me on the Power Level Totem Pole. Did you know that no one even called the Police? No reported Sanna missing. No one reported Sanna had been kidnapped. Do you know what that says to me? You don't care. None of you cared. You may claim otherwise until the day the life is strangled from you... But this even proves it without a shadow of a doubt. Cowards, Monsters.


I am sure this will give Sanna something to think about when she gets out of the hospital. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Because you know who IS NOT A COWARD? FUCKING KELEVRA! HAHAHAHAHAHA. That fucking PSYCHOPATH. The MASS MURDERER. A Dyed in wool MONSTER like me... He was the only one who gave enough of a shit to DO ANYTHING. Isn't that FUNNY? Isn't that just fucking HYSTERICAL?

I tell you... If Sanity makes one so without care and so cowardly... It is overrated. Kelevra just popped in, we had a little chat, and Sanna walked free that day. Seems pretty clear to me who she can rely on around here. Human are social animals... You can't just rely on yourself. That is what friends, REAL friends, are for. A life lesson I hope Sanna learned well. I know I opened her mind to all sorts of possibilities in that warehouse. Those scars I left her, will be a constant reminder of the truth. In her darkest hour, those who professed friendship and love for her decided to leave her to die. To die screaming and in pain at the hands of a known Cannibal and skilled torturer. All her friends but one. Kelevra. And for that I applaud him.

I guarantee you, one of these days, Sanna is going to thank me for allowing her to learn this crucial lesson in life.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


So. About Two hours ago, I walked out of my hotel room and straight into a Sword. One of the ones that can FUCKING HURT ME. Guess who it was. MORGAN. My Buddy Morgan. I said "Hi Morgan" to him, and he grabbed me and rammed into a window before throwing me out. We were on the Fifth Floor.

Now. I don't have any bones to break. But a fall like that will still disorient me a bit. So there I was, laying on the ground. Bleeding out. Stunned and helpless. But not worried. Why? Because I know Morgan. I knew he wouldn't finish me without giving a Speech first. Probably a long one. So after I was about to get up, he marched out and gave me hand. On my throat. Before slamming me into a Car. Still picking out shards of glass from my body. THEN he gave the speech.

"Did you really think you could get away with impeding God's sight? Did you really think that there would be no consequences for DARI-"

A swift kick to the family jewels cleared up this bit of noise pollution. I only really needed one hand to hold in my Azoth. The other hand had a knife. Unfortunately for Morgan, his fighting style involves being big, slow and stupid. Unfortunately for Me, Redlight is his boss. And Redlight isn't a moron. I stuck my knife into Morgan's chest and found it embedded in thick ARMOR. Leading to me being thrown into a FIRE HYDRANT. So. After recovering from my embarrassment at temporarily getting my ass handed to me by MORGAN, he grabbed me again with the intent of skewering me I believe. So I starting Eating his arm and BY THE WAY, he tasted fucking TERRIBLE. Like ash and smoke. It worked however. He let me go and I tried pouncing on him, only to get FUCKING SKEWERED ANYWAY. Since eating him wasn't really working, and my knife was on the ground somewhere, I had one choice. I punched him in the throat and then started slamming his head into a car door and window. Cathartic really. Despite the fact I was, and am, now leaking Azoth from my stomach and heart.

The Bad news is, about the time I got to slamming the door shut on Morgan's head about four times, he just sort... Vanished. Leaving behind that oh so familiar ash behind. Ah. This is going to be one of those days isn't it? Where everything goes wrong? Ah... But I have SO MUCH planned for today... Goddammit... Oh Well... We'll do it anyway. See what happens.

Monday, September 2, 2013


Perception Filter on this post is OFF Boys and Girls. Traveling to Berlin. Why? Multiple Reasons why. Europe seems to be where most of the action is these days anyway. Need to see if Proxy German Division exists and if I need to whip it into shape. Bound to be plenty of runners to play with though. I mean. For a while there, a lot of people thought Father was a German Boogeyman as opposed to a True God. Laughable isn't it? HAHAHAHAHA.

People used to grossly underestimate what they were dealing with. But now? You know don't you... Hell, maybe you know too much. I kind of miss that. No excuse for any clever runner NOT to know what they are dealing with. I remember reading the initial wave of blogs. I loved how disorganized they were, I loved how they tried to rationalize things. Their lack of knowledge lead to SUCH fear. But now... That bit of fear is gone. You know so much, or you think you do. With knowledge comes feelings of... Safety. You know how it works, who it targets... Even shreds of what it is.

Don't you?

I suppose in a way, even after death... All those runners. Zeke Strahm, Zero, Reach, Robert, M, Maduin... Even after death they continue to cause problems for us. Having their petty blogs as resources for other runners to compare notes and pick up on tricks. Certainly kills part of my enjoyment. Instead of people holding their back to the light, staring into the ever shifting darkness that surrounds them, trembling with fear of what could be lurking within... We have smug, punk ass kids who think they have a chance at killing or surviving against something that has killed FAR braver, tougher and smarter people than you lot could ever Be.

Your Fear makes this interesting. It is your fear that we want. Without that, you are just punks with guns and keyboards. Meat to tenderize and flay alive. Really look at you all. For all the guns, and the training and the goals of survival, or anarchy, or killing Father. What have you accomplished? You have killed a few proxies? Woop-de-doo. Either we have more, or Father doesn't really need us. We weren't always around you know. Father did not need us then, and he does not need us now. Maybe you managed to hurt him with some fantastic invention? Magnets and Electricity? Assuming it REALLY caused pain, or some equivalent of pain... It can't stop him. You can't kill him. You can't make him disappear. Everything you do is meaningless, and the only reason you continue to live is for the Game and the amusement we all feel from it.

Of course. I am a Proxy. Was a Proxy. No reason to take a word that comes out my mouth seriously. So you'll snark at me and belittle me and try poking holes in my statements. Remember what I said about smugness? Now my greatest joy in life is watching that smugness disappear. When you lay there, holding in your own guts, bleeding and crying. In such agony that death might be a welcome release... You will know humility. You will realize where your lofty goals lead you to. The world will move on, as it always has, without you. Without you making the smallest impact on anything. You are toys to be played with and discarded when the time comes. Nothing more, nothing less.

But yes. Berlin is where I am headed to next. A few errands to run. Dinner to prepare. Cultists to meet. I am bringing Dr. Marsh with me, of course. So this is a formal invitation. Redlight. Catch us if you can.