Thursday, September 12, 2013

A New Party Member

Well. Miracles have happened before... A Lot of miracles actually. Should have seen this coming... I mean, if someone like ME was brought back, surely Nightscream would be too. I mean that would only make sense. Screamer was always better at... Basically anything not involving leveling a building. So it makes sense for Screamer to be brought back which, of course, is why they did it. Otherwise it would just be fucking unfair, right?

Welcome Back Screamer.

And just in time too... For you see my friends, Redlight is branching out. The Redlit up until this point were purely Proxies or Runners or unlucky Norms. The Other Cultists were fairly safe from.. Scarlet Fever. Heheheheh. But no more... We have a confirmed Nest, and Apostle among the Reds. Nasty ones too...

The current problem was born Adrian Corby. We know him as "The Glutton." Born in 1955, with several unfortunate physical deformities... He was cast out and left in the wild to die. Then we have no idea what happens for a while. Then he became a Nest, and one of the more dangerous and psychotic ones. At least of the ones I am aware of anyway. Apparently he thinks he is a Bird. Specifically a Crow. POP QUIZ. What are the implications of a man thinking he is a Crow. Here is a hint. Think on his Diet.

Now, the REASON this a problem for us, is that we suspect Redlight might try to... Manifest again. This time in the body of something with actual defenses. As you might have guessed, this is not a Good Thing. So Proxy Bob, Nightscream and Myself will be going out to DEAL with this little problem. I of course will not be letting Screamer off a tight leash, since it looks like Screamer is a BIT rusty and... Well. Not mentally back to normal yet. An indeterminate amount of time suffering total agony in the Castle of a God of Disease will do that to you. But I am sure this will be GREAT practice. Screamer will be back to 100% in NO TIME. Pity we can't get new pet Ravens for it though... Then again, I never really cared for the old ones. Annoying, mean spirited little flying pests.

But AH. Where are my Manners here. Most of you are NEW, young and ignorant. Practically have the Attention span of Goldfish. You don't even know who Screamer IS do you? WELL let me educate you.

Nightscream, AKA Sam Freeman, AKA Sam Prescott. Former History Teacher turned Psychopathic Killer Proxy. My Mentor in the art of killing and torturing, though I confess I was never as good as Screamer at either art. Screamer was a MASTER of Psychological Torment, manipulating countless of you adorable little Runners to a painful death. Sometimes worse. Heheheh.

Unfortunately all that went to waste after Redlight reappeared. He took a liking to Screamer, which I assure you is NEVER a Good Thing. At the end of it... Redlight had tortured Nightscream to the point of suicidal insanity. David Banks decided to take care of Nightscream, since I was dead at the time, but naturally failed, and let Nightscream die...

Then, during my little visit to the Castle, I ran into an Afflicted who was wearing the remains of Screamer's signature Bladed Gauntlet. Screamer had pissed off the Plague Doctor a while back, manipulating circumstances to force a confrontation between Father and The Plague Doctor. We thought the Doctor backed off after that but... You can't defeat a God. One way or another...

Doesn't really matter anymore does it? All the matters now is that Screamer is back. Back, smiling, plotting and in the game once more. I can only imagine what kind of corpses the Feds will be finding soon. I am good. But Screamer is an artist. This is going to be so much FUN.

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