Saturday, September 14, 2013


Combat Training. Two words which are spoken in hushed tones, with feelings of dread and fear by Proxies everywhere. There is a very good reason for this, of course. Heheheheheh. We are not known for our restraint, you see. So I can only imagine what is going through Screamer's head right now.

You see ladies and gentlemen... Nightscream has been cooped up in that Castle for a LONG time now, suffering such terrible tortures... Bottom line is that Screamer's body is weaker than it should be, and it's reflexes dulled. Since we do not want Screamer to DIE again, we have decided to put Screamer through some... Refresher courses. Courtesy of myself and my good friend Crouching Tiger. We are starting out easy, of course... No weapons. But I must say, it feels good to punch... Nightscream in the face, and have it be utterly unable to do anything about it. Quite the role reversal. Screamer was one of my first combat instructors, teaching me how NOT TO GET MY ASS HANDED TO ME. Very educational stuff, that I will not be revealing on here for obvious reasons.

Tiger assures me that Screamer will be up to par within the Month. Who am I to doubt a man who can break a person in half with his bare hands.

Tomorrow we will be arriving in Enemy Territory. The Glutton's nest. Formerly Nest territory, the nest and all it's Nests were wiped out by The Glutton, himself a former Nest... Who, according to all reports, is not currently showing signs of Redlight Manifestation. Unfortunate, really, but we are not about to leave this thing unchecked. If Redlight will not appear, we will kill off all his possible bodies one by one. And when he has none left, he will be trapped forever in that Godless Realm. Heheheheheh. Death might be more merciful than that.

The hunger has been bad lately. I need to start KILLING more. All I can think about during my down time is delicious, delicious meats and gravy... Roast and grease and fats and raw bloody marrow and hot chewy red bloody meat... The Glutton will be a good meal. Poultry plus Long Pork... Ah... But how should I prepare him? Grilled? Fry him up? Baked maybe? I don't often eat baked food... Or should it be raw again... I never get tired of that taste and texture... The feel of hot, red blood running down my mouth...

No. No. NO. I have it. It needs Cheese. TIME FOR A TRIP TO THE STORE.


  1. Are you completely blind?

    Or has all this Resurrection fried your brain?

    That is /not/ Nightscream.

    1. I can see just fine. And what I see is Nightscream. Alive, despite your best efforts.


    2. You are calling me an idiot while the world's worst con is sitting across from you. I thought he was your friend. And yet you can't tell that this is /obviously/ someone else? There is not a single sentence that doesn't scream 'imposter'.

    3. Says the man who KILLED Nightscream. Keep in mind jackass that you killed a Weakened and MENTALLY BROKEN Screamer. What we have here now is both the genuine article AND in sound mental health.

      And if you insinuate for one more sentence that I am NOT Screamer's friend then you have just signed your death warrant.

    4. I killed Nightscream?

      Says the man who wasn't there.

      Being dead is not an excuse. You're always dead.

    5. Oh, sweetheart, I'd say being dead is a very good excuse. You haven't experienced it quite yet but trust me... you don't want to. Star would have helped me if he could. I know that. And so do you. I know you don't want to believe this is me. Believe me, with how my mind is currently... and how lousy I was today at sparring... /I/ don't want to believe its me. But it is. I had hoped for things to pick up better between us. But I suppose my hopes had been placed a bit too high. I understand. Don't worry. I do.

    6. That's the first thing you've said that sounds remotely like Sam.

      I know he would have. But he couldn't. And neither could I. So if you could get him to kindly shut up about it I'll respond in kind.

      I admit, I would love to be wrong. But there is a wrongness about you. Something that I'm not sure can be explained away like you have.

      So, let's be scientific hm?

      How did I kill Him?

    7. Shooter is gone. I believe you've pissed him off enough for him to attempt to find you. Just do me - or the 'Sam' you remember me to be - a favor if he does... Don't touch him. And don't let him eat you. I'd like you both alive come morning.

      I'm sorry, David. I am. But I can't play this Game with you. My mind is recovering, but mostly still fog. A lame excuse, for certain, but the only one I have. I simply don't remember. Was that... you mentioned it when we were sealed together, didn't you? When that house collapsed and we spoke for hours in that tomb of debris while Shooter and Joseph dug us out. Something... something is telling me... I think it was then, wasn't it?