Monday, September 9, 2013


That little diversion is over. Not my best work, honestly, but hey, you can't be perfect all the time.

TIME FOR SOMETHING NEW. Guess what? I am not in Germany just for Sanna. Oh No. I am here to visit a particularly difficult to reach Attendant who lives in the Black Forest. The name it has adopted is Sofiel, and it is very... Unusual Attendant in it's lifestyle. If you can call that a life. Majority of the Attendants tend to observe Humans. Homo Sapiens with, formerly, our capacity to learn and create... To make choices based on morality. Good and Evil. Fascinates them. They predate the concepts themselves, you see.

Sofiel on the other hand is part of a handful that prefer the company of... Other things. His host is still human, mostly due to the convenient shape and Opposable thumbs, but it likes Plants. I have no idea why, but considering what the Attendants really are... Doesn't surprise me that they might be a bit weird.

So, shortly after my little bonding session with Sanna wrapped up, I hopped in the van and scurried off for the Black Forest. Dear Old Dad let me know that Sofiel would be in the Black Forest for a while. The thing seems to enjoy visiting various jungles and woods across the planet, with an overwhelming preference for South American Rain Forests. But I digress. Knowing where It is, usually is nowhere near enough. The thing is REALLY Good at hiding. But then, I am really good at tracking things down. As Sanna can attest to. Heheheheheheh.

I located Sofiel and was promptly killed. I don't recall any pain, but it was nigh instantaneous.

It was also extremely unpleasant.

Didn't take It long to realize what I was though, and so I was reformed. Had a little chat about his Big Brothers want. As I understand it, It is not fond of it's Elder siblings... Not much you can do though when you are a lowly 28th of Many. I literally only know of ONE Attendant with less actual power and influence. It was in possession of a little... Parting gift from Enoch. Who is Enoch you may ask? I'll tell ya later.

What is important is that he went on... A Journey. A Journey through terror, through despair, through dread and the depths of madness. First man to ever visit ALL the Realms of the Gods and leave an account of it for us to read. Unfortunately, this account is not entirely in one piece. When it was being retrieved, it was torn apart by the Paths by which it was carried. Missing a lot of Pages. Here. Let me share a Page with you.

Page One in fact.

"December 22, 1952. Agony of Epimetheus

I am old and gray. My bones ache and muscles are weary from the long travels of my life. Now only one journey remains. The ultimate journey. I have become a pioneer to rival the likes of Marco Polo or Colombus, and I faced dangers that even the likes of Alexander or Napoleon would have fled. I have learned truths that Solomon or Nietzsche could never have fathomed. Even now as I pen this, the last thoughts of a tired old man, I stare into an abyss that few could ever withstand. These will be my last actions: To pen the tale of my journies through the bowels of madness... And then step beyond the threshold of eternal Quiet. To meet the imprisoned God and go beyond until I am no more. I shall traverse an infinity of oblivion. 

A being set me upon this path. He opened wide the curtain of sanity, of comfort... And I entered the unlit stage of the universe. The true universe, beyond our wildest imaginations. I thought of him as... Prometheus in a way. Just as Prometheus gave fire to our kind as well as knowledge of fire to allow for mankind to become the "dominant" species of earth, so to did the being grant me the knowledge that I believed would serve as a beacon of light and understanding. I was willing to do anything for this.

I travelled far and wide using the money gained by my father's father. Now, I have nothing left. Nothing left to lose, when I go. My Prometheus promised me I would learn the secrets I so desperately sought for so many years. My mind was clouded with the thoughts of the people I could help. If I had the proof. Could prove all I suspected. I could topple religions, cast down false idols and lead the world into a new age of enlightenment. All those years spent with this delusion firmly in mind. Gods that walked, hidden away from men. Or perhaps I should call them devils? No. Such concepts of morality do not apply to beings such as these. Their concept of right and wrong is far different from the pathetic and hypocritical human concept of morality.  

That is, of course, not the only way these gods differ from humankind. Even their angels are far different from us. My guide, my Virgil, my Prometheus, was one such angel. He had the face of an arab, with eyes the glowed like golden chunks of amber encasing something more ancient than time itself. His slicked back dark hair and hairless chin were very unlike most arabs I had come to know. He smiled a charming smile, and spoke with a deep voice filled with authority and majesty far beyond the most eloquent speakers I had ever come to know. He was always clad in a black and burgundy pinstriped suit, with similar dress pants, and constantly wore a brilliantly golden scarf draped around his neck. All of this was a mask, one it had learned to wear well. 

His kind walk among us, as morticians, as scientists, as priests, as phantoms haunting forgotten lairs... Never in the spotlight, always lurking in the shadows pulling strings. They are the children of gods, the product of an attempt to delay inevitability. To stave off annihilation. They are fragments of divinity. My Guide came to me using the name Samuel Blackwood.

I would come to learn that my guide was less a Prometheus than he was the Serpent of Eden. And from him, I took the apple and was cast out. Unlike Eve however, I was cast out of earth and into Heaven."

Sounds like a fun guy doesn't he? His story didn't have a happy ending, and like all things human related... History repeats itself. This year, on December 21st it all Ends. Really, that day will be when this is all decided. If we have Dr. Marsh, you can go about your merry lives... Dying and living as We see fit. If Redlight has Dr. Marsh... You and everyone you love will Die. Your friends, your family, your pets, your dreams... The trees, the cities, the stones, the earth, the stars... Death itself will Die.

I know I have been over this before... But I think it bears repeating. I am the GOOD GUY here. Don't get in my way, don't try to get revenge for the people I have tortured and killed. This is all for your benefit as well as mine. Redlight cannot succeed my friends.

Guess what. We have a New Strategy for killing him. Perception Filter or No... This one I am keeping close to my chest. It will be a waiting game though... Should not take too long though. He has a few Predictable tendencies that we can exploit. And I look SO FORWARD TO TEARING OUT THOSE AMBER EYES OF HIS AND FINALLY ERASING HIS ARROGANT ASS FROM REALITY.


  1. Tell you what, after this is all done and over with, how does a drink sound? I know of some good places. Afterwards, we can go our separate ways and attempt to kill each other on our own time. Not humanity's. -- Jack

  2. Man, perception filters sure are paranoia fuel, don't you agree Morningstar?

    Also, wasn't there some sort of fuss about the world ending Dec. 21st last year? Helluva coincidence...

    1. Yes. It's almost as if the Winter Solstice is an important event in some major way.


    2. I'd be so paranoid that I'd start double-checking my own blog. As for the solstice, yep it's pretty important. And Phil that offer's open to you as well. The first part.

    3. I might just take you up on that some day, as well. When we both have less on our plates.

  3. That sounds like the Constant wanderer. o. O

    1. Some person the Fears have to let pass through their domains safely because of a deal they made with something/someone. But the Fears being their cruel selves decided to not let them go and just wipe their memory and let them start all over, for all eternity.

      That's at least the legend I read about. Don't know if its true.

    2. '...step beyond the threshold of eternal Quiet. To meet the imprisoned God and go beyond until I am no more.'

      Is this what I think it is...? Isn't that Pyriel's job? Why is Samuel doing it? Or is this particular event just THAT old?

  4. Not your finest work? I think you did a great job on that girl. Haven't seen anyone that broken in a while.

    You've gained a new fan.