Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Castle Crashed

Alright. Let me get the obligatory Recap out of the way. I entered the Crumbling Castle through Enoch's Path, which may actually be the only way a Non-Oathbreaker or Non-Runner can get in. It was... An unpleasant place. Imagine for a moment, individuals kept alive through the worst fevers and flesh destroying bacteria. The first thing I saw in the entry hall was a big banquet table, with about 13 people sitting. Their skin was so diseased and their bodies so wrecked, all the could do was breathe. Their eyes didn't function, their flesh was like a sticky jelly, but not so sticky that it didn't come off easy. The Bones looked liquid. I only know this, because I found it absolutely hilarious. It looked like skeletons walking around in big costumes of skin. It was the highlight of my visit.

The big staircase leads up or down, and my money was on down. It smelled of... Heat and blood and things I couldn't place. Dark and poorly lit. But I don't want to dwell on it. Came downstairs and started hunting around for the Syringes when I ran into an Oathbreaker. Or rather, an EX-Oathbreaker who is also a GODDAMN CRAFTER. So, being utterly useless against that, she decided to introduce herself as The Black Queen. I won't even dignify her with our banter. So, since I was essentially a big pile of play dough to her, she had me help look for the damned Syringes. 2 Days of searching LATER, we finally FOUND THEM... Alongside some potential test subjects... Saw someone I knew there. Guess fucking who, Banks. I blame you for this too, albeit not as much as Redlight. My... Friend's condition was bad. Very bad. We just... Don't catch breaks, do we? Look at what we are in Life. FUCKING LOOK AT ME! BECAUSE I WILL BE HERE UNTIL THE STARS GO OUT. Again, and AGAIN. But the alternative is SO MUCH WORSE. I've seen it firsthand now.

... Of course, well... I wouldn't have gotten out of there if it was not for my friend. I guess... The Black Queen has "Redlit" written all over her, and that connection must have... I dunno. Triggered something. There was barely any mind left in there, and I doubt my friend recognized Me. But Redlight... That is something my friend would NEVER forget, no matter the damage done mentally.

Look. Bottom Line. I got out, I have the Syringes, Black Queen MAY be neutralized. Plague Doctor didn't like The Queen trying to fight off It's favorite labrat... And I am STILL sick from that. I didn't even know I COULD get sick, let alone Feverish and vomiting. What the fuck is my nose even stopped up with? Azoth? My nose is MADE of Azoth, this makes no sense and it SUCKS... Heh....

You know... I kind of hoped the afterlife would be a happy place for all of us. But in the end, there is no escape. One of them or Another will always claim us in the end... And no matter where we end up, Castle, Shore, Swamp, Path, City, or Tower... It is just a different slice of Hell.

You are never making me go back there again. You will need to HALLOW ME if you want me to EVER set foot back there again.


  1. Oh, yuck. Hate diseases. Hate the Plague Doctor. Hate Oathbreakers. Fuck 'em all with a heavy spade.

    I don't believe in an afterlife, so yah, I'm OK about the domains and all.

    1. Hang on. Oh god, please tell me they didn't take what's left of Nightscream as a test subject... or at least tell me you rescued him if they did.

    2. Screamer... Sam didn't believe in an Afterlife either. Yet...

      It is the fate of All Runners, All Proxies and All Cultists... You and Me included... Provided they ever let me STAY DEAD.

    3. Well, Screamer talks sense. What will happened to me? Where do they put a runner?

      Also. Did you dress up like a Castle Crasher Knight when you went in there? Which one? The blue one was always my favourite.

    4. *What will HAPPEN to me.

      I forgotted how to tense.

    5. Depends on which fear loves or hates you most. Although that doesn't always stop you from being whisked away by a third party.

  2. And thus I was reminded of why I avoid many of the domains. Too many memories still there. -- Jack

  3. Sounds unpleasant. VERY unpleasant.