Monday, August 12, 2013

Cloak and Dagger

Bad news from the front. The Cloaked Creeps didn't have it. I checked EVERY nook and cranny. Every Viral Flavor you could ever think of... T, G, C, TG, TV, TB, Uroboros, Blacklight, KV, Rage, et cetera. But no Doomsday syringes. They were here though. And if they are not here, and nobody moved them... That leaves only one place. Fuck. Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck.

Time to educate the ignorant on this. We all know The Path of Black Leaves. Usually appears as a monochrome road surrounded by trees covered in black leaves. Never anyone in sight, silent as the grave. Heheheh. No place like home. But it is merely ONE of many places like that. They don't exist as we know existence. I can't pull out a globe or some star charts and point at the Path. Same goes for all the others. They come in many shapes and sizes you know. An Ash filled wasteland of smoke and blood, chains and bones littering the ground. A beach of black sand flanked by murky, churning waters and impassible jagged cliffs, constantly bombarded by a fierce thunderstorm. A swamp filled with corpses drinking in the fluids within, but it is not water. An endless field of flowers, pretty to the eyes, but every other sense will be SCREAMING in fear, because they know what lurks behind that happy, smiling visage.

And On. And On. And On. Plenty of these places out there, each more horrible than the last. One of my least favorites is called The Crumbling Castle. For the more slow witted out there, Sanna, Female Seeker, Male Seeker, and V'ger, it is in fact a Castle that is crumbling. A large, LARGE castle. You hear stories about that place. The Path is a Path, it is meant to be traveled on and traveled through. It is a difficult road, but ultimately just a path. The Castle? It's a dungeon. A torture chamber. A giant incubator for every ailment mankind knows and doesn't know. I know of maybe... Three people who have made it through there alive.

Soon to be four if I get my way. Big IF. There is a short list of things out there that can kill me dead. The Plague Doctor is one of them. It looks like he might not be all on board with this whole "Avert the Apocalypse" thing I have going. Who knows why. But this means I need to Sam Fisher my way in to THE CRUMBLING CASTLE and get those damn Syringes. I could not be any less excited for this, and you can bet The Legion of Doom is sending their own person in. Ugh.

So. While I consult the Archive on this stuff... What is everyone up to? Having Good Days? See any good movies? Play any Good Games? Any Plague Doctor sightings? Because I would love for him to be OCCUPIED right now. That would be nice.


  1. Replies
    1. I prefer watching people try ridiculous things. Real people. Much more interesting. -- Jack

  2. Be careful, Luke. If anything could kill you for good, it would be this.


  3. I know what The Crumbling Castle is Morningstar. I have a file on it for fucks sake.

    And how am I slow witted? Sure, I am sometimes, and that has to do with the fact I haven't slept for over a week.


  4. I'm not slow witted, it's just that my attention span isn't very g

    ^ I use that joke far too m

    Good luck, anyway. And for what it's worth, I know what the Crumbling Castle is already. It's no Tintagel, that's for god damn sure. If there's one similarity you can count on, one thing they don't tell you about Tintagel, is that is has a FUCK TONNE of STEPS to get there. Bring a pogo stick and make it more fun.

  5. One: I am not slow witted.

    Two: I am currently watching a person go insane from failing at Minecraft Parkour. It is VERY funny.

  6. I've never been to the Crumbling Castle, but I can say that traveling through other domains, ANY domains, is no picnic, sure, one might be more horrible than the other. But all of them are hard to go through, The Path, is something I am familiar with, very well. The River for example, is a jungle to me, you get this feeling like you're in the wrong place, you don't belong there. I don't like that feeling, it distracts.

    In any way, have fun.

  7. I've been to a few places I shouldn't have ever been early in my career, the beach being the worst place in all fucking worlds.

    The screaming tower was fun... but I wouldn't recommend it.