Friday, August 2, 2013

The Network

BAGGED MYSELF A BIG ONE TODAY! Noticed him acting all fidgety when I was around. Just a standard Masked Grunt at one of our California compounds. These Masked Freaks always act funny around me, but never quite so paranoid. That is when I noticed the bright red sweatband on his wrist. I love vanity. I LOVE IT. Redlight just can't help himself anymore.

Anyway, when he saw that I saw, he tried to make a run for it through the Path. BIG MISTAKE. I followed him in and redirected the stream into the middle of the street outside. Poor moron was knocked out for half an hour. I keep WARNING people about using the Path, but no one EVER seems to listen. Even the ones who know better.

Interrogation was a pretty easy affair. Not like these Redlit (Need a New Name for them. Red Hoods? No... They don't all wear Hoods... ) actually KNOW they are Redlit. All he knew was he had this sudden urge to get the hell away from me immediately. He stayed twitchy and uncomfortable through the entire session. But as expected, he had no idea anything was actually wrong with him. See, The Attendants are currently blocking Redlight from actually using his little meatsuits. But he is still connected. He can't see, hear or feel through them per se, but he can issue some basic commands through the collective. One of these commands is "Keep out of Morningstar's way" because... Well... This happens if they don't.

The guy's meat was a little tough and chewy. Had to tenderize him a bit. Sliced him up into fun sized pieces and stuck them on the grill. Went well with some generous amounts of barbecue sauce and some tater tots. Of course, that was all just for pleasure. His Brain was the business, so I made sure to keep the head intact. Went digging around and sure enough, clear signs of Redlight.

For you Sciency types out there, good old Dr. Morningstar shall now explain to you what I mean by "Clear Signs." As Azoth is all the rage these days, it should come as no surprise that it is once again at the heart of this little lesson. All of us wonderful Proxies have SOME Azoth in us. Usually trace amounts, except when found in the stomach. The Brain is the key here, however. No Proxies will ever have more than a few stains of the stuff in their Brains. Well. None except little old me and maybe one or two others. Special Cases. Redlit Proxies are another story. There should be a pretty big and active amount of Azoth crawling around in there. Most tellingly however, it will not be bonded to the flesh and blood of the Redlit Proxy. It will be foreign, but overpowering the bodies immune system.

So I did what I always do. I ate the Redlight Azoth. And it did what it always does. Redlight immediately killed the connection as soon as he felt me crawling around in there. Bet it feels like a bunch of snakes slithering around in his brain. If any of you morons (You know who you are) are watching, ask him if that statement sounds familiar at all and tell him Daddy's coming to give him the spanking of his life. Hope I get to be there to watch.

Despite the Azoth being dead, a corpse can still tell me SO many things. This little Redlit was on standby mode. No ACTIVE commands, which makes him nothing more than a sleeper. BUT, he had a tiny, little command buried deep down. Nothing big. He just needed to steal a certain truck at a certain day, at a certain time and drive it out to Los Angeles.

Guess where I am going?

This means though, that Redlight knows this plan has hit a snag. We have the truck, but it was empty and... Normal seeming. So he will probably find another truck if he needs one so bad. Here is the fun part for the Legion of Doom. The Pale Men are on the move. Los Angeles division is due for a little... Purification. Hehehehe. Can't risk things getting out of hand.

But that was today's little bit of progress and ALREADY I am feeling an itch. I want to go after RUNNERS not unwitting SOCK PUPPETS. Think I might pull a detour. I know of some crazy runner survivalist guy hanging out in Arizona. Might go play with him for a little while. I have tons of ideas. Hehehehe. I want more blood. I need more blood. I NEED IT. It has been HOURS. HOURS. HOURS. I NEED MORE DEATH. I want to squeeze the last drop of red blood from a man's heart and start RIPPING AND TEARING into warm tender meat. I have to have it. I NEED IT. I need it SO MUCH.


  1. It's nice to know you don't think of runners as unwitting sock puppets.

    It's not nice to know that you eat us. Why the fuck would you do that???????

  2. And now I remember why they said you were psychotic. -- Jack

  3. .............remind me not to get on your bad side. Or anywhere near you, for that matter.