Monday, August 19, 2013

Finally out of the Castle. Mission Accomplished. Fucking Plague Doctor... Fucking Oathbreakers. Goddammit all... I will talk about it in detail some other fucking time.

I have the Syringes and one member of The Legion of Doom may, or may not be neutralized. Probably not. The Black Queen. I can confirm she is Ex-Oathbreaker and a complete bitch.

Redlight. Spencer. If you are reading this... If it is the last thing I do, I am going to kill you. Slowly. And as painfully as I can manage. YOU BETTER FUCKING TELL HIM I SAID THAT YOU BASTARDS, I KNOW SOME OF YOU READ THIS. TELL HIM I AM GOING TO RIP HIM APART, TELL HIM I AM GOING TO MAKE HIM SUFFER A HUNDRED TIMES THE AGONY THAT HE MADE... Hahaha. Well. Public Blog. Can't be airing personal grudges like that. They know who is in the Crumbling Castle... Shambling along... A dead Afflicted thanks to REDLIGHT'S manipulations and petty grudges.

Actually Redlight... You know what I think? You cheated. You were SCARED of our dear friend. You just weren't as good at manipulating people and things and GOD knows you are easy to manipulate. As all Mere Mortals are. You were much more threatening when you were going by the name Spencer. You at least had a backbone then, and you weren't blinded by an ego that your head can barely contain anymore... Hehehehe. And if I heard right, I don't think it CAN contain it anymore. You are less a God than I am. You are on the RUN from me, after all. You know what I can do to you once I find you... Once you start leaking into the minds of your puppets and I can extract you and finally give you what you deserve. Maybe... Maybe I will even put you back in the tree. I have the Syringes after all and they are just going to sit here collecting DUST. Your Other had such fun with them last time. I bet you remember don't you Spence. It's all leaking in now.

Soon Enough. Retribution is coming, and don't think that your little troupe of halfwit, insane Cult rejects is going to impede me in any way.


  1. Morningstar, I don't like you. And I know you don't like me.

    But I'm on your side for this. Rip Redlight multiple new ones.


  2. Well. Congratulations on surviving that crazy-ass place. Except - that, and you challenging Redlight, makes me more scared of you. :[

    But yeah, go get him. Kill him. AND KILL MORGAN. I don't like him either.

  3. Um...welcome back, I guess.

    I'd say I'm glad you're not dead, but...

    Hopefully you and Redlight die fighting each other.

  4. Spencer is dead. Leave him out of this.


  5. Kill him.

    Tear him, raze him, rip apart everything he has ever known and let the vultures pick at him while he is still screaming.

  6. Oh goody... you found the Apocalypse syringes... that... goody... fuck.

    That is not comforting.

    1. Really? I dunno I'm rather very comfortable in my, oh so very comfortable chair. Ok technically it ain't my chair, but that's beside the point.

      Oh also, welcome back Skywalker, got the syringes? Good.

    2. I'm glad you are sitting on this news. Its adorable. Fuck you.

    3. Now that right there, is just outright rude.

    4. You have both talked about screwing my dead body. I thought you would both get on just fine. Seems I was mistaken.

    5. One, I don't share. Two, I was joking when I said that. Three, its quite outright fuck you to be sure.

      What part of the reprogrammable pyschopath getting his hands on syringes that can end the world is comfortable?

    6. What's the point of being uncomfortable? It's not like you can go and take the syringes from Skywalker, right? I know I can't since I have no idea where he is.

      No point, you can only get as comfortable as you can, get some popcorn, pour some butter on that son of a bitch and enjoy the show of how the world ends.

      Unless, of course, if you can take the syringes from Skywalker, which I doubt you can do, because if you could, you wouldn't be sitting here, commenting on how uncomfortable it is.

    7. I was joking as well. I just figured you both, at some point, enjoyed stressing me out with made up tales of cracking open a cold one, so to speak.

      And I do agree nothing is comfortable about it, but they're safest in Morningstar's hands. And I never thought I'd say that about anything.

    8. Well, no, they are not particularly safe in his hands, since he is practically a re-programmable robot. Sooo obviously Skywalker isn't getting the syringes for himself, he is getting them under someone's orders.

      That "Someone" might want to rule the world, just like Redlight ya know.

    9. I said safest, not safe.

      Of all the hands they could fall into, Morningstar is the best of a horrible situation.

      Unless the world really will end soon. Oh god, now I need a hug.

    10. Doubt any of the gents you are travelling with would let me get close, to give you one.

    11. That would take some explaining on my part.

    12. HAHAHAHAHA. "Want" to Rule the World. Good One.

    13. Even while we sleep
      We will find you
      Acting on your best behaviour
      Turn your back on mother nature
      Everybody wants to rule the wooooooorld

    14. (Now I have that song stuck in my head. Fuck you both.)

    15. Yeah. I would rather not play the odds in the face of the apocalypse.

      I'm gonna have to side with the fallen sage on this one. Those things should have all been smashed.