Monday, August 26, 2013

I am So Sorry

That last post was SO utterly unprofessional of me. Please, gentle readers, accept my sincerest apologies.

That said. WE DIDNT FUCKING FIND A GODDAMN TRACE OF HIM. I had Two Clunkers, Three Brothers, A Nameless, 5 of those Black Eyed Brats, Uriel, A Scribe and briefly, Jack-Ass of All. And we searched for ANY trace of HIM. Absolutely nothing. THAT IS WORSE THAN FINDING SOMETHING. Because if it was an imitation or impersonator.... SOMETHING would have been left behind. But the real deal? Redlight, The Devil Himself.... Finding Nothing is almost proof it was him.

Goddamn Amber Eyes and that FUCKING GRIN of his, EAR TO GODDAMN EAR... It had to be him. But this is impossible. He is TRAPPED in the Grove. He can't get out by just POOFING IN. That is why he tried coming in through a Goddamn PIMPLE.

Let me clarify something. I CAN Kill Redlight. But only under specific circumstances like when he tried coming through as a Pimple. When he is in a half state of Azoth, I can overpower him and consume EVERYTHING. Mind, Body and Soul. But in the physical world? He might as well be a clown with me as a Balloon Animal. Hell. For him it might be EASIER to kill me than the AVERAGE FUCKING PERSON.

So. Here is what I am going to do. I am going to chill. I am going to be cool. And I am going away for a little while. Just... Under the Radar. But I know, Beloved Readers, I can hear your cries and wailing... "No Morningstar, don't leave us. You are the light of our lives, the highlight of our days." Well, Fair Readers, Fear not. I am leaving a GOOD friend of mine in charge of the blog. PROXY BOB. And the best part? He is going to be ungagged. See. Proxy Bob is a Hallowed. Nobody at home in there. Knock on the head and it is empty... But for Proxy Bob, we left the door open. We can... Turn on his mind again for a little while a day. So I am going to let Doctor Marsh do a little posting. I am sure he misses it, and the best part is, if he tries to leave the room during his Free Moments, his mind will RESET and Proxy Bob will take back over.

I want Echo to tell you ALL about the things we have made him do. HEY. Everyone here know Echo? No? Well I will explain him a bit. Doctor Jonathan Marsh was a family doctor. Young, Single, I guess not unattractive. Bright I think, but in WAY over his head in these matters. Not a Scientist, despite his best efforts. His family is also an interesting topic, especially his Uncle. More on him later. Echo became a runner very late last year, and started a blog early this year. He is a very important individual to us, blame his Uncle. He is also CRITICAL for Redlight's Master Plan, as we know it. I tried to make it look like he had DIED, but it looks like The Legion of Doom never really believed that. So I put less effort into maintaining the charade. Anyway, Echo, despite his best efforts, was not a killer. Oh I think he killed a COUPLE people, and he tried killing ME. But he never really could stomach it, despite trying. So naturally, I have been having him CUT A RED, BLOODY SWATH THROUGH RUNNERS all this time. I am sure it has changed him. Or maybe he is in denial, maybe he will try to justify it with "The Proxies mad me do it." Hehehehehe. Maybe so Echo, maybe so... But Jonathan. My friend. Those hands are STAINED with blood. You have taken MANY lives. Doesn't matter who was running the show. You did it.

So. I bid you all adieu. I will be around a little bit. Comments. Maybe Co-Starring in my own blog for a bit. But I really don't need The Red Team to find out my exact movements for a little while.

Toodles everyone. See you soon.


  1. Replies
    1. How and why. Was whoever he was born with them?

    2. Ah. That is what you are asking. I see. Thank you for clearing that up.

    3. That prick Bill that crushed me has yellow eyes.

      Is there something special about that?


  2. Oh great, now it's gonna get boring up in here, no more funny, over reactive, CAPSLOCK words. Instead we get this whiner back, ugh.

    I knew he wasn't dead by the way, totally called it.

    God, thinking about Echo, got me thinking about that one time, when I pissed of a certain clown, in the comment section of Echo's blog, God that was funny as hell.

    Sorry lost my train of thought there.

  3. Well . . . it was an understandable reaction. I probably would have done the same think, capslock and all.

  4. Guess the code bit didn't work. Back to the drawing board.

  5. Not sure whether to laugh or cry. Morningstar is laying low, which means less danger (possibly). On the other hand, Redlight is back.

    Seems like an unfair trade off to me.

    Oh, and as for Echo? He can't be blamed. They may have been his hands, but he wasn't the one using them.

  6. "Jack-Ass of All". Last I checked, I have a human form. Sorry. Laying low? There goes some of my entertainment. Don't do anything more stupid than usual.

    1. On the contrary, let him do something stupid Lumber Jack! I mean it would be entertaining for us, right?

    2. That it would. However, it isn't entertaining when he freaks out over a hallucination. Or, at least, that's what it looks like it was.

  7. Why exactly are you doing this to echo? A snapped mind is not a useful one.